Friday, November 23, 2012

Alchemy Japan asks questions to Cargill, Carval and ORIX over Love Hotel Scandal

On Alchemy Japan's FB page - they have raised a number of questions to Cargill and Carval regarding the conduct of their senior management around the love hotel scandal with Orix and Kato Pleasure

Peter Vorbich
Joe Koizumi
Takashi Nishiki

We set out the questions in full below.

This story looks like it will continue to give and give

In open court and under oath, Alchemy Japan will be looking to ask Mr Peter Vorbrich, Mr Joe Koizumi and Mr Takashi Nishiki and the rest of Carval Tokyo's staff the following questions (amongst many others) -

1. What was the real reason for the firing of most of Carval Tokyo's front office staff in September 2011?

2. Is the market rumour true that Carval Tokyo senior management and front office

staff were receiving kickbacks from asset managers; especially on sale and purchase of real estate?

3. Is it true that Carval Tokyo refused all direct communications with Alchemy Japan from April 2012 because Alchemy Japan refused to pay kickbacks to Carval Tokyo management?

4. What are the real reasons for the reduction by Kato Pleasure of their original bid of JPY2bn for the Carval Love Hotel portfolio to the eventual price of JPY1.55bn?

5. Why did Carval Tokyo accept a price of JPY1.55bn from Kato Pleasure when there had been previous offers in excess of this final price?

6. Where there any arrangements in place between senior management of Carval Tokyo and Kato Pleasure?

7. Why was Takashi Nishiki removed from his post as Representative of Carval Tokyo in August 2012?

8. Is it the corporate position of Cargill and Carval; as reflected by the then head of Carval Japan, Mr Takashi Nishiki comments to Alchemy Japan, that is it "ridiculous" and "counterproductive to business" to make background checks on contractual counterparties?

9. Does Cargill and Carval Japan have any internal policies or rules regarding compliance with Japanese laws prohibiting contractual relations and monetary transactions with Japanese organised crime entities?

10. Why was ORIX introduced into this transaction as a "broker" some time in July 2012; when Carval Tokyo had already selected Kato Pleasure as their preferred buyer in April 2012?

11. What are the relationships between Mr Joe Koizumi and senior ORIX management? Did these relationships influence the payments made to ORIX for their role in this transaction?

Alchemy Japan FB Page

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