Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tokyo police chief promotes anti-gang legislation at J-League match

The superintendent general of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department raised a “red card” to criminal organizations on Wednesday evening prior to a J-League cup match, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Aug. 8).

Tateshi Higuchi offered a ceremonial kick of a soccer ball from the sidelines in front of an estimated 10,000 spectators to begin a quarterfinal match of the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup, featuring F.C. Tokyo against Vegalta Sendai, at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu City, Tokyo.

Legislation that went into effect on October 1 of last year prohibits business transactions between ordinary citizens and members of organized crime, such as the paying mikajimeryo (protection money). The law is in effect nationwide.

In February, a declaration signed by J-League chairman Kazumi Ohigashi formally indicated that “anti-social forces,” or organized crime syndicates, are banned from associating with the league’s clubs, players, and referees.

Of course, it curious what they make of the owner of J2 team Nobuyuki Sakakibara - a colorful character - maybe only a yellow card?

A short search of the web produces some other interesting background on Nobuyuki Sakakibara's yakuza connections -
激突! ミロ・ミヤトビッチ vs 榊原社長 PRIDE FC 山口 組

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