Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japan Leisure Hotels - Board Statement

20 December 2010

Japan Leisure Hotels Limited
("JPLH" or the "Company")

Potential Offer for the Company

Funds managed by DKR Oasis Management Company, LP ("DKR Oasis") own approximately 87.6% of the Company's issued share capital. DKR Oasis recently informed the Board that it wanted to exit its investment in the Company and was taking active steps to achieve this end. There are a number of ways such an exit could be structured including an offer being made for its shares or a sale of the Company's assets.

The Takeover Panel has ruled that an offer for the Company will be subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the "Code"). If an offer is made under the Code, DKR Oasis is in a position to deliver control of the Company by selling its shares (in which event the buyer will be required to make a cash offer on no less favourable terms to the remaining minority shareholders) or by providing an irrevocable undertaking to accept a takeover offer made for the Company's shares.

Under the AIM Rules, the Company cannot liquidate its assets without first obtaining the approval of shareholders in general meeting. At any such meeting, DKR Oasis would be in a position to vote through the required resolution. Although DKR Oasis does not currently control the Board, and so cannot force the Board to enter into contracts to liquidate its investments in the Bonita hotel portfolio, DKR Oasis can under Guernsey law gain control of the Board or requisition shareholder meetings to achieve its ends should it wish to do so.

The Board has recently been working with DKR Oasis to help maximise any sale proceeds for the benefit of all shareholders but it is not anticipated that the proceeds of any offer for the Company will deliver a premium to the current share price and it may even result in a discount.. Also, a sale of the assets to realise value in the short term is likely to be at a substantial discount to the previously announced net asset value per ordinary share which was based on the value of the assets on a going concern basis..

The Board believes that given additional time it might be possible to deliver greater value to shareholders than has been offered to date and is in discussions with DKR Oasis to explore whether it would be prepared to exit its investment in the Company over a longer timeframe.

The Board is willing to consider proposals from any new party interested in considering an offer for the Company or its assets. The asset manager New Perspective has indicated its willingness to continue as manager or alternatively to resign in order to facilitate any preferred exit structure

A further announcement updating shareholders will be made when appropriate. There can be no certainty that any offer will be made nor as to the terms on which any offer may be made.

In accordance with Rule 2.10 of the Code, the Company confirms that, as at 20 December 2010, it had 44,100,002 ordinary shares in issue. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) reference for these securities is GG00B28QMS50 and the SEDOL code is B28QMS5.

In accordance with Rule 19.11 of the Code, a copy of this announcement will be published on the Company's website: www.japanleisurehotels.com.


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